Customer Stories: Scania


Scania digitized & automated a key process, which required gatherig data from various sources at the beginning or during the entire workflow. At the end of the process, meta data entered by users and automatically generated documents had to be exported to Scania’s systems. Most of the integrated systems are proprietary, special company-wide applications providing just particular integration options, which dad to be followed.


Given that Integray comes with a rich set of connectors, while others can be easily developed, it was possible to prepare special connectors to meet specific requirements in order to connect to the Scania’s core systems. According to the business needs, Integray covers all integrations within the workflow process, both synchronnous and asynchronnous, real-time & on-demand.


Thanks to Integray, which is responsible for all data transfers and transformation, and Xeelo, which manages the workflow process, manual work and users’ effort dropped to a minimum. The whole process takes just minutes, users provide just necessary business information, don’t have to retype data to various places and everything else is done by the systems. With no human errors ever possible and no manual work ever needed.

Robert Saranszky, Scania

“In the projects we’ve digitized at Scania CER, Integray plays a pivotal role.”