Stability and Security

Stability and Security

regardless of the size of your company…

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Integray integration platform

Like turning complexity into seamless simplicity, so your systems work together seamlessly and without hassle.

What Makes Integray Unique

High-Performance Integration

  • 500+ operations per second
  • Bandwith up to 600 MB per second
  • Exceptional Stability


Platform Extensibility

Ability to create custom connectors. We currently have 100+ connectors in our growing database. Among the most commonly used are:

  • JS Mapper
  • Node.JS
  • Python
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle SQL
  • PostgreSQL
Key Features

Creating Enterprise Integrations and Automations with a Modular Approach

  • Division of logic into smaller tasks (modules) with the ability to reuse them in various operations.
  • Implemented logic can be branched and processed both synchronously and asynchronously.
  • The ability to define custom REST API endpoints, including data schemas.


Events for Triggering Implemented Logic

  • Manual initiation
  • Repeated execution
  • Webhooks
  • HTTP Request
  • Integration interlinking


Supports Versatile Data Handling: Low code for less experienced users, native programming for experts.

  • Ready-made connectors: CSV, XML, JSON, XLS, … and data mapping across formats.
  • Complex and demanding data transformations can be achieved using languages such as JavaScript, SQL, Python.
  • Learn more in our Connector Academy.
Integray is More Than Just an Integration Platform

Advanced Monitoring and Logging

  • Accessible through a user-friendly administration interface with customizable dashboards
  • Ability to create custom reports


Learning and Community Portal


Enterprise Level Security


  • Robust data encryption
  • Access control and authentication
  • Audit logs and compliance

Saves time, reduces errors,
increases productivity

Low-code integration delivers the efficiency that drives your success.

Seamless Data Flow

Streamlining the movement of data across different systems, ensuring real-time access and accurate information.

Eliminating Data Silos

Breaking down barriers between departments, enabling data sharing and collaboration across the organization.

Process Optimization

Analyzing and enhancing workflows by automating tasks and minimizing manual interventions.


Providing solutions that grow with your business, accommodating increased demands and complexity.

We don't see integration as merely connecting the dots, but rather as choreography behind the scenes.

Unified Insights

Integrating disparate systems to provide a comprehensive view of operations, helping you make informed decisions.

Effortless Customer Experience

Integrating customer data and interactions to deliver exceptional experiences and quick issue resolution.

Time and Cost Savings

Eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and manual synchronization, reducing operational costs and time wastage.

Accelerated Innovation

Enabling rapid deployment of new technologies by seamlessly integrating them into your existing ecosystem.

Enhanced Productivity

Empowering your teams to focus on value-added tasks instead of managing disconnected systems.

Future-Ready Operations

Preparing your business for technological advancements by establishing a flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure.

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Ideal for small teams; basic integration tools and support.

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Full integration suite for growing businesses with advanced needs.


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Enhanced features and support for large-scale integration projects.


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Comprehensive solution with custom options for large enterprises.



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Shared additional info in case of shared instance the Limits are per company.
Dedicated fair user policy + 100 EUR for additional 5 GB of DB space.