A unique integration platform that enables efficient connection of all applications and systems in your company.

What makes Integray unique

High-Performance Integration
  • 500+ operations per second
  • Bandwith up to 600 MB per second
  • Exceptional Stability
Platform Extensibility

Ability to create custom connectors. We currently have 100+ connectors in our growing database. Among the most commonly used are:

  • JS Mapper
  • Node.JS
  • Python
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle SQL
  • PostgreSQL

Integray manages the integration in:

“Integray plays a key role in the projects we have digitised at Scania CER”

Robert Saranszky
Head of Digitalization and Shared Services

“We are very satisfied with the product, as well as with the overall communication and the speed of solving our requirements.”

Marek Filipovský
Product owner
Maximum efficiency with minimum effort.
Leave the heavy lifting to Integray.

Efficiency & Stability at Any Scale

Most companies try to navigate through a maze of tangled "spaghetti systems" and clumsy integrations, trapped in a maze of unstable complexities that hinder growth and productivity.Such solutions hurt efficiency and performance. Let's leave confusion behind and bring order where chaos reigns.


Integray provides a powerful and stable low-code integration platform that ensures consistent performance.

Stellar Support

Our unwavering commitment to support ensures that you have a reliable partner throughout your integration journey.


Your data and integrations are safeguarded through robust security measures, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Ease of Use

Integray's intuitive visual interface and low-code framework simplify development, allowing you to efficiently achieve precise integration results.


Integray effortlessly adapts to your needs, whether you're a small business, mid-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, making it a versatile solution.

Efficient Workflow

Integray streamlines processes, enhancing operational efficiency by automating tasks and minimizing manual efforts

Chopok - Main Features

👋 Say Hello to Chopok!🌟

Our latest update that’s about to change the way you approach your work with new features and significant improvements.

With innovative features like advanced Templates 📝, a new Tagging system 🏷️, Multi-input Step ➕, and Remote Config Transfer 🔄, this release supports your work like never before.

Chopok is all about making your work smoother and your project management better! 🔥 Discover the new features 👉

Make Your Work Easier with Integray Templates!

Ever feel like you’re doing the same tasks over and over? Our templates are here to help. Start off with a template that fits your project, or get creative by making your own. You can even explore templates shared by others in our marketplace and adjust any template to suit your needs perfectly. With Integray Templates, you’re always one step ahead, saving time and boosting your productivity without the hassle.

Simplify Your Work EVEN MORE!

Once you’ve discovered or created the perfect Integray Template, the next step is to apply it to your projects. This is where the real magic happens. Applying a template from Integray’s vast collection—or one you’ve tailored specifically for your needs—can significantly cut down on project setup time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Stay Organized and Efficient with Tags!

Keeping track of all your projects and tasks can be tough, but Integray’s new tagging feature is here to make your life easier. With our simple tagging system, you can label your work however you want, making it super easy to find later. Whether you’re sorting by priority, project type, inputs or clients, tags help you keep everything in order, so you spend less time searching and more time doing.

Simplify Complex Tasks with Multi-Input Steps!

We know some tasks need more than one input, and it can get complicated fast. That’s why Integray is introducing Multi-Input Step feature. This feature lets you merge several actions into one easy step. Imagine combining all your data inputs into a single process, cutting down on time and confusion. It’s about making your workflow as smooth and straightforward as possible, giving you more freedom to focus on what matters most.

Move Your Configurations Easily with Remote Config Transfer!

Ever needed to move your settings from one system to another and found it frustratingly complicated? Our Remote Config Transfer is here to change that. Whether you’re scaling up your operations or just tweaking your setup, this feature ensures you can easily transfer your configurations without missing a beat. It’s about making transitions seamless and keeping your workflows consistent, no matter where you’re working from.

Want to Dive Deeper into What's New?

Check out our latest Release Notes. From detailed descriptions in our Release Notes to hands-on tutorials in our videos, we’ve made learning about these updates easy and accessible. Discover other exciting new stuff that can take your work to the next level. Don’t miss out, explore all the possibilities of Chopok Release and make the most of what Integray has to offer.