Customer Stories: Mountfield


Mountfield – as the biggest garden equipment retailer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – decided to change their business systems to better serve more than 2 M customers in almost 100 retail stores & on-line. In retail, customers expect smooth and fast buying process, which requires reliable data transfer at lightspeed. Everything must run perfectly, even at high season peaks, which Mountfield face during every year.


A complex system landscape combining Points of Sales, ERP system, warehouse management system, e-commerce platform and many other applications has been connected via an enterprise integration layer, which is responsible for data exchange between all the systems. This layer replaced previously used spaghetti integrations with many custom & hardcoded settings by a proper middleware, which allows a full control, a detailed monitoring and ensures that all the mission critical integrations are running smoothly even in the most challenging days of the year.


Integray manages about 75 000 integration tasks per day and securely connects systems running in the cloud as well as on the local infrastructure. Systems are wrapped into a REST API services, which makes the maintenance much easier and allows adding another applications in a simple and fast way.

Marek Filipovský, Mountfield

“We are highly satisfied with the product, as well as with the overall communication and the speed of resolving our requests.”